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Lisa Hutson Yoga

Yoga for the mind, body & soul
Meet Lisa
Lisa Hutson

Meet Lisa

With over 10 years of teaching experience, I am committed to helping my students find peace and serenity, whilst keeping fit and healthy.  Having worked in the corporate world for over two decades I know what it feels like to be stressed and under pressure.  Making time for yoga can be the first step to introducing some balance into our lives.  The practise of yoga will help us improve our flexibility, strength, balance, mental clarity and emotional resilience.    

I became interested in yoga as a teenager after reading the book “Forever Young” by Indra Devi (who lived until the ripe old age of 102).  Time spent in India further deepened my love of this ancient tradition and wherever I have lived or travelled I have practised yoga in some form or another.   Yoga is my passion and I feel honoured to be able to teach all students both beginners and advanced. As an eternal student of yoga I am grateful to all my teachers and indeed students from whom I continue to learn and develop my style of teaching.

- Qualified Yoga Teacher with Yoga London (RYT500)  which includes 200 hrs basic training, 100 hrs anatomy, 100 hrs philosophy, 100 hrs apprentice module

- Birthlight Baby Yoga Level 1 training

- Children's yoga training with "Kidding Around Yoga". 

- Founder of Bath University Yoga Club while studying there from 1995.

- Levels 1 and 2 Reiki  

- Qualified Indian Head Massage Therapist

- Yin Yoga with Philippe Beer Gabel

- Qualified first aider and CRB checked

What to expect from my classes


My classes are non competitive and non judging as I believe yoga is for everyone regardless of age, gender, race, size or ability etc.  No fancy poses just take it at your own pace – this is possible as I offer variations to the postures as there is no “one size fits all approach” to my yoga style.


Weekly yoga classes typically include smoothly flowing movements between poses guided by the breath.  Classes may include the many variations of Sun Salutations as well as standing postures, inversions, backbends, twists, forward bends. 

Yoga Nidra Meditation classes run 1st Tuesday of every month and involve a gentle restorative yoga followed by yoga nidra.  The phrase yoga nidra comes from the Sanskrit language and is often described as meaning “yogic sleep.” Yoga nidra is intended to produce a state of relaxation that is similar to sleep, but involves maintaining conscious awareness of the environment. . Relaxation guaranteed!  

Candles, eye pillows and the occasional use of incense and aromatherapy oils all help to aid relaxation at the end.  Playlists also add to the ambience and assist students in switching off an over active mind.


So come along and try a class – I promise you will be in safe hands and there really is no time like the present.


Group Classes
Group class
Corporate class
Corporate Classes
Kids Yoga
Yoga for the Young
Private class
Private Classes
Other Therapies
Yoga class
Cover Classes
Why Yoga
Why Yoga?


The word Yoga in Sanskrit means union. In other words, harmony of the mind, body and soul.  Originating in India, it is not associated with any particular religion and has been practised and passed on for about 4,000 years.   


People of all ages, levels of fitness and walks of life can enjoy yoga.  With regular practise your body will become stronger, more flexible and energetic. 

So whether you are beginning or continuing your yoga journey, do so with an open mind, allow change to happen and enjoy the many wonderful benefits of this ancient tradition.

When you regularly practise yoga you may find it:

lotus flower
lotus flower

Boosts flexibility and energy

Helps relieve depression and anxiety

lotus flower

Improves circulation, digestion and lowers blood pressure.

lotus flower

Tones and strengthens the muscles in the body

lotus flower

Aids weight loss

lotus flower

Improves posture

Releases stress and tension from the body

lotus flower


"I've been taking Lisa's yoga classes regularly for a year and a half now... the only yoga practise I've ever been to regularly! Lovely group and great atmosphere in class. Lisa brings good variety into the sessions and I always come away feeling calm and strong. Highly recommend Lisa's yoga!"

- Olivia

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring anything?
yoga mat

Mats and blocks (for sitting) will be provided but it is advisable to buy your own mat, simply for your own personal practise which I would recommend.   Even 10 minutes a day on your mat will make all the difference to your weekly practise - just think of it as a bit of “you time”. 

What to wear?

Comfort is the main thing here so wear something non-restrictive - no fancy clothing is required.  Layers would be good as we can work up a bit of a sweat and it’s always nice to have something to put on at the end for the final relaxation.

What about injuries?
yoga pose

Injuries can be aided with yoga classes and I myself have found relief from lower back problems and more recently a frozen shoulder through my regular yoga practise.  Our bodies can benefit from gentle asanas (postures) and relaxation from yoga will benefit all parts of our body and mind.  Modifications can be made so that we can work with our injuries

Do I need to be flexible / fit?

Definitely not.  Classes are for all levels/stages of fitness as I always offer modifications or variations of the asanas.  Everyone has to start somewhere and with regular practise you will find your body change in many positive ways.    Yoga is not just about stretching/toning the body but about gaining some relaxation for the mind too.

Preparation for yoga class

It is advised that you don’t eat anything heavy 3-4 hours before class so just have a light snack beforehand.   Other than that you are good to go.

Your Yoga Journey Starts Here

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Contact Info


06 76 14 50 78

Mareuil, SW France

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